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We have a baby and that calls for baby clothes sewing (Aurifil Artisan Challenge May)

I am writing this while tired and there is probably baby puke on me somewhere.

We have a new baby in the house. Some of you may follow me on Instagram or may have read my new Artisan statement and have noticed that I am now a double daddy. Well if you haven't: I am exhausted, happy and ofttimes covered in vomit.

Anyway... A new baby requires new clothes.

Initially I thought I did not need to make any new clothes because we kept all the clothes from our first born.

When we got them out of the basement and sorted them we noticed that they do not look nearly as nice as I remembered them. Colours washed out, dismal sewing skills... they needed replacement.

When We had our first child I only just started sewing so let's just say my sewing was just about adequate.

The fact that our second born is of another sex does not matter to us because I firmly believe that children do not have a gender and that colour is not an indicator of sex nor gender.

Luckily I have an extensive collection of cute jersey fabrics that I am dreading to sew.

I have fallen out of love with jersey hard.

Quilting is my true love.

But the jerseys I have are so stinking cute.

This challenge came exactly at the right time because our second born moved in this month. This challenge also came at the worst possible time because our second born moved in this month.


So am I.

I have not slept properly in a week.

However I managed to make 3 baby bodies that are just adorable if I do say so myself.

I used my Bernina serger with some cones of Aurifil 50 weight in 1320 and did some feux coverstitching with my Bernina 570QE in a coordinating Aurifil 40 weight.

Last step was adding the snaps and bang: done!

I need to sleep now.

P.S.: I have a new Quilt pattern coming up on June 1st so keep your eyes peeled ;)

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