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Upcycling - September Aurifil Artisan Challenge

Hello world.

Many of you might not know this about me but before I started quilting I had sort of an art project where I turned old comic books into killer wallets. I really liked making them for a while but eventually stopped. There is still some stock in my etsy shop but they are not going to be restocked.

And since I am not making them anymore I think I can share the secret of how I made them.

I created a template for the wallets with logos on the inside that I had printed on thick recycling paper. I glued a collage of comic book panels on the backside with a vegan glue stick and when it dried I laminated it with sticky foil that is usually used to laminate books for school. At least that was what my mom did when I was young.

In the very early 90's when you could still use books for the next generation of kids instead of having to buy new books every single time. Good times :D

So after I laminated the template I would then sew on the 3 credit card compartments to the panel and fold it to its final form.

The last step was to sew the fold for the coin compartment and sew the side of the coin compartment shut and the side of the bill compartment.

Last step was putting in velcro. I used sticky velcro to not have to sew it in place.

The wallets last super long and I still use them for myself. My current one is about 6 years old now I think. But it kind of bothers me a little that the wallets are upcycled paper but are now hard to recycle because I glued plastic to the paper. That is a sin I can live with but I kind of do not want to continue making them.

However I still have a large stockpile of old comic books and template pieces for the wallets in the basement.

Maybe someday I will find a plastic free alternative and pick up the hobby again.

Anyway, thanks for reading about my wallets :)

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