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Tula Hoop Tree Skirt Pattern (Aurifil Artisan Challenge December)

Merry Christmas.

I am not just a flaming homosexual, I am also an avid atheist BUT I love christmas.

There is something about gift giving, cookie baking and decorating that just really tickles my fancy. Especially since I have a family of my own I just love it.

This year I decided to finally make a proper tree skirt for our christmas tree. I made one before when I first started sewing 5 years ago. But that was just an out of shape bib. I hate it but my husband did not want to part with it.

This year it finally got a proper replacement.

Aurifil challenged us Artisans to a Holiday theme this December. This really worked well with my plans for making a tree skirt.

So I gathered my fabric and thread and off I went.

My favorite fabric supplier "Quiltzauberei" gave me a lovely Design Roll of Tula Pink's Holiday Homies that I wanted to use. Upon a short internet research I had trouble finding a Pattern that uses 2.5" strips but does not require a template.

So I knew it is freestyle time.

I did some math (I hate math) and realized I am bad at math (I hate math). Then I thought to myself that I would probably be fine if I just cut some wedges.

And oh it worked.

My first attempt was more than a circle so I had to rip some seems and remove 2 of the wedges (math would have been handy, or I could have just stopped sewing once the circle was full).

Turns out I can't just make a pattern without people wanting to have it.

Sadly I did not take many pictures of the making process.

And since I freesyled everything it was difficult to explain without pictures.

That meant I had to make another tree skirt.

That is how I made a second tree skirt the day before christmas :D

I did the hand stitching on the binding in the evening while watching a movie with the hubby (it was a really boring movie so that was perfect).

Initially I wanted to publish on christmas eve but that didn't work. Who knew that it is difficult to find time away from the family on christmas eve...

But here it is. My December Artisan Challenge for Aurifil and a new pattern for you to enjoy.


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