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Thread Against The Machine Sew Along week 2 nears it's end

Good morning from cloudy Berlin.

We are at the end of week 2 already. Have you all posted your fabric pulls? I have seen a few and I am liking what I see. When you post stuff, don't forget to tag me @herrschaftenmueller and use the hashtag #Threadagainstthemachine and/or #threadagainstthemachinesewalong

In my Livestream today I will talk about week 3 and show you how to do the Minor Thread Block. For the FPP beginners among us this video and the corresponding block will be the introduction to FPP. When you are done with all the spools you should have a hang of it. ​

I will also briefly talk about cutting today. Cutting instructions are usually not included in FPP patterns because FPP is all about rough cutting and then cutting to size as you go. I do only include cutting instructions for the background and the white-ish and grey fabric in the pattern because those are easy to cut wrong and to end up with too little fabric left.

See you at 8 p.m. German time as every Sunday.

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