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So much has happened lately

First of all to all germans: "Tschuldigung, die nächsten posts werden wohl englisch"

I want to write this quick update for everyone because lately I have been a bit silent on here.

Instagram has become my most used platform and if you want to be completely up to date with my journey make sure to follow me there.

I am working on a few YouTube videos that I am very excited about. Mostly because I have a new camera that should make the videos look much better,

But what has kept me from posting here lately was mostly ma two patterns that launch tomorrow on September 15th.

Why on a Tuesday? Well it is because 15 is my lucky number :) If the launch tomorrow goes well I am planning on releasing a new pattern every 15th of a month.

In the last weeks my team of pattern testers and me have been working hard on the first two patterns so this is going to be a double launch.

Thank you for following my journey

yours truely


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