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Sew Along Update

Good morning from rainy Berlin, Germany.

Here is an update for you.

Cant read long texts written by a rambling ADHD brain? tl;dr on the bottom of the post.

As I am sure you have heard by now that the Thread Against The Machine Sew Along conclusion and subsequent prize draw was delayed (a lot).

I was suffering from a rather nasty Covid infection that ground my life to a near complete halt. All is better now. I am almost at full strength and the Sew Along can resume.

Thank you for your patience. I am sure many of you did not mind the extra time to finish their quilt for prize consideration.

If you are stuck in the process or if you need any help, you can join our free

facebook group for the Thread Against The Machine Sew Along

There has been a few changes to the prizes. The prize tiers as previously announced have been extended to 5 prizes instead of the original 3 prizes.

That way more people will get to win.

I was able to secure a couple of extra special prizes from the industry partners as well. The sew along info page on my website is updated with the new prize tiers.

All news regarding the sew along, especially regarding quilt entry for prize consideration will be announced in a newsletter hopefully this weekend.

The most important news to note for you now should be the new quilt entry deadline:

November, 15th 2022

You must enter your quilt for consideration via e-mail by November 15th 2022 !

All the final rules for prize consideration entry and the e-mail address you need to send your entry to will be announced in the upcoming newsletter.

Make sure to still be subscribed to the newsletter.

The last two days I spent completely with typing up the final quilt entry forms for you to sign and attach. The few people who have already entered their finished quilts will be notified individually about the changes they might have to make to their entry.

So no worries if you are not sure if you are still eligible or not.

The new 5 prize tiers and the new Special Prizes will all be announced in an Instagram livestream on Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th of October 8 p.m. CET (German time that is).

Make sure to check my Instagram stories. I will set a reminder in there for you to click on.

I will however also upload the livestream to my IGTV to rewatch.

And finally,

for everyone who has signed up but didn't start yet or abandoned their project to the WIP pile for whatever reason (life happens).

And for everyone who only just heard about the sew along but really want to make the quilt and get a chance to win the amazing prizes.

I want to encourage you to go ahead and get sewing now.

There is still 3 full weeks to complete a quilt for entry.

Go ahead and sign up for the newsletter, get the 3 patterns needed if you have not gotten them already and start sewing.

You can do it!

Thread Against The Machine Add-On Pattern

Swiss Machine Block Pattern

Minor Thread Block Pattern

3 weeks is plenty to make the small quilt with 1 machine and 12 spools for sure. If you are a quick sewer you might even finish the bigger ones. In any case I would recommend to finish the blocks needed for the small one first and then decide if you have the time to make more blocks or if you want to finish the small quilt as to not miss the deadline.

I will include all the rules again in the upcoming newsletter this weekend so even if you are new, you will have all infos needed.

I thank you all very much for your patience. I will update you with any news as soon as I can.


Sew Along resumes - prizes changed - deadline for entry Nov. 15th - subscribe to newsletter

stay safe


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