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See Me Rollin Block Project Bag (Aurifil Artisan Showcase July)

For the month of July Aurifil challenged us Artisans to use their 40 wt thread. Naturally I pushed it off to the last day possible (well almost). Since May I am in constant stress and rarely found any time to sew. Today I stole minutes whenever I could and turned the "See Me Rollin Block" I designed into an awesome project bag.

I had the blocke finished beforehand and it was just chilling on my sewing room closet door attached with some blue tack waiting to be used. I newer got around to put it into anything. This was the opportunity I have been waiting for.

So I grabbed my box of 40 wt thread and auditioned some threads. The 40 wt is a little thicker than the 50 wt I use for piecing but not too thick that it looks embroidered. It is perfect to give the quilting a little extra oomph. I opted for matchstick quilting in the background to make the Tula Pink rotary cutter really pop. In the cutter I just stitched in the ditch on the dark grey parts and left the rest unquilted.

Next all I had to do was tun a piece of vinyl into a zipper back. I attached zipper tape to the vinyl and covered the seems with some Renaissance Ribbons and cut it to size.

Then I sewed the pieces together and bound it. I attached the binding to the back and hand stitched it to the front.


Afterwards I just blue tacked it back to the closet to hang until I need it. I love tacking my project bags to the closet while not in use.

If you want to make the "See Me Rollin" Block yourself, you can find it here

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