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Mixing threads (Aurifil Challenge)

Oh hi there.

This post is english again.

Aren't you glad?

So this month's Aurifil Artisan Challenge was mixing threads. We were asked to use at least 3 thread weights in a project.

The upside of having a metric fucktonne of threads is you never have too few threads. The problem is storage.

I have all these different little spools that I want to have handy but carrying boxes of spools is lame. So I did what every sensible adult would do: I made a spool pouch.

Well there is patterns out there that I am sure are perfectly fine but I had a specific piece of FPP I wanted to incorporate so I made up something on the fly.

It has everything I love. It has FPP, it has ribbons and lots of quilting.

On the Backside I placed the Spool in the middle.

The whole project is pieced with 50 wt thread.

I quilted the thread in the spool with a nice 40 wt to show off the details and really hammer down the texture.

The thick white line around the spool is machine stitched with a thick 12 wt. Making it look almost hand embroidered.

I finished it off with some simple 40 wt lines in the background.

And I even buried all the thread ends :)

The zippers are in a rainbow because you know I love me some rainbow.

So that was my february challenge :)

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