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Meet the Designer (Interview with Aurifil)

We’ve been following along (and having a blast) with Henrik Müller for a few years now.

He has worked with us as an Aurifil Artisan, is a dedicated and passionate champion for Aurifil threads, and shouts his Aurilove from the rooftops every chance he gets.

Henrik came to us last year with an idea for a collection and we simply couldn’t resist.

Proud & About is a collection of 10 small spools of Aurifil 50wt thread with Henrik’s essential rainbow colors in addition to an off white and a true black. It’s our new favorite rainbow and we have every confidence that you creative makers will do great things with it this year!

We are delighted to have had the chance to chat with Henrik and thoroughly enjoyed our interview. We hope that you do too! Please allow us to introduce Henrik Müller — his is a name you’ll want to know!

We know that some of our readers may be meeting you for the first time, so to get started, we’d love to really introduce you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in this amazing and creative industry? Of course, thank you for having me by the way. My name is Henrik Müller. I live in Berlin, Germany. I am a nurse by trade, a father by heart, and a quilter by obsession.

My kids are 7 and 2 years old and the firstborn wants to sew with me all the time. Sewing for me started a little before our kids came into our lives. I saw what I assumed to be a blanket of some sort that was used as a bedcover on the internet somewhere. It was the 1 UP mushroom from super mario and I knew instantly that I needed to have that for myself. Upon investigation I first learned that you can’t just buy it because it was handmade. I then learned that I could have it made but it would cost me a fortune. So naturally, in a moment of ignorance and arrogance I thought to myself ‘I am just going to teach myself to sew and it will be really easy’.

It was not easy. I went to the one fabric shop that I knew about and bought myself some fabric. Not knowing anything at all, I went by color and not fabric type. Looking back I made some dodgy decisions at best. For black I landed on minky because it was the truest black they had. The quilt is really wonky but it is still loved to this day.

It went completely out of control only moments later. I made baby quilt after baby quilt and landed on the book 100 modern blocks by a designer called Tula Pink. You might have heard of her. I made the blocks for my second full size quilt and I still love that one a lot. After some time I discovered FPP and then EPP. I was hooked. We all know that quilting is not a condition you recover from. In 2020 after 6 years of quilting I then designed my first pattern and in 2021 I started my business.

Read the full interview on Auribuzz

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