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It is still all about community (Aurifil Artisan Challenge February)

This months Artisan Challenge was Quilting (machine or hand)

I got a bunch of FORTY3 thread to play with. If you don't know it yet, it is a 3 ply forty weight thread developed for the high speed sewing on a longarm.

And oh my does it perform. No breakage at all. Love it.

So as you have read in Monika's guest post I gave the cones to her first so she could play a little. And play she did.

When she was done I gave it a go and you know me: I am not much for test pieces. I like to get down and dirty on actual projects. Cause aint nobody got time for test pieces.

In the spirit of community I quilted a round robin quilt I have been meaning to finish for quite some time.

I participated in a Tula Pink round robin with some UK based quilters and I gave it a modern treatment. The center is what I have made: My very own Swiss Machine Block EPP pattern and the ladies added a border each. Well most of the ladies. An unnamed person decided not to participate but that is a story I am not telling here. After I got back the quilt I added two more borders to give it some more size.

In the end I quilted it with straight lines in alternating thread colours.

The look is so clean and modern and I love it.

And wouldn't you know it, just like that I have no more WIPs. All done...

Oh well, I need to bind two quilts and I have an EPP project ongoing... but that doesn't count, does it?

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