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Foundation Paper Piecing - Aurifil Artisan Challenge August

Hi again. So this months Aurifil Artisan Challenge is right up my alley because I love love love FPP. You may have bought a pattern or two from me in the past so you know what is coming ;)

Back when I made the "Swiss Machine Block" I made a bunch of samples.

I decided to combine 4 of them to a center for a round robin I was attending.

The center was shipped off to the United Kingdom and 3 lovely quilters added a border each. I am planning on adding a final border but you know how it is:

Projects keep coming up and WIP piles grow.

Sucks to be me :D

Anyway here is the work in progress

The center is made by yours truly.

The first border is made by Julia

The second border is made by Emma

The third border is made by Nicky

The rules where just to use Kona White and Tula Pink fabrics and I am super happy with the outcome

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