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English Paper Piecing (Aurifil Artisan Challenge)

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Ok here we go.

You all know by now, that I am obsessed with EPP.

When Aurifil Announced this challenge I was all over it.

They partnered up with of all companies. I love them so much. They are amazing.

I got to pick goodies to play with and oh boy*girl did they deliver.

My problem was just what to chose.

I finished 2 large EPP projects prior to this challenge and I could have just handed them in but oh no. I had to make a new one.

Here is the ones I did before though :)

What I ended up choosing for the challenge was the the Tula Nova even tough I was gonna make the Tula Sunrise initially.

I cut and basted all the pieces in a day and went off to a weekend getaway in the snow the day after.

3 days of uninterrupted sewing in a cabin in the woods deep in the east of Germany.

I use 50 weight thread for piecing EPP. It is strong enough to hold and thin enough that it doesn't show too much. To match better I change colour a lot. Also I make sure to use a thread no longer than my forearm to avoid fraying and tangling.

I made this beauty in about 20 days. It was so much fun I could not stop. I have been sewing every free minute I had.

Actually I just finished it. Now I need to apliqué it and get it quilted.

I would love to show you a decent picture of the finished Nova but it is 1:30 a.m., there is no good lighting now and I missed the deadline, so...

tomorrow I will deliver a better image :D

Here is some more pictures :D

Aaaaaaaaaand some more of the other projects

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