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Daydreamer Fabric Frenzy - November Aurifil Artisan Challenge

Oh well I skipped a month.

Life is crazy sometimes. Like for example there is a global pandemic still happening that appears do get worse every time I don't pay attention for a minute and a half.

I had another baby in March and time is rare these days. So that is why I skipped the October challenge. Forgive me.

But I am back. And Oh boy:girl am I back with a vengeance.

This month we had an industry partner. No other than Free Spirit Fabric and Tula Pink.

We got to play with her new collection "Daydreamer" and I may have gone a bit overboard.

I managed to finish 2 pillows but I am actually making a full size quilt.

Well I finished the top and it is currently chilling with an ever growing pile of TTBQs (Tops To Be Quilted)

I have lost control over my WIP pile ever since I was on Quilt Buzz.

Please send help.

Anyway thanks for reading my Ted Talk :D

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