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Aurifil Artisan Challenge October

The October challenge for the Aurifil Artisan project was bag making.

I am not a huge bag person but I love, love, love making Sewtogether bags.

So naturally this is my blogpost for October.

The #sewtogetherbag is kind of a rite of passage for every quilter. You just have to make at least one. I even made a Tutorial for it in german on my YouTube channel.

First I made just one of them. Then my niece in Law wanted to have it so I had to make a new one. That led to me making 2 more for my aunts... well you can never make enough of them really.

They are the perfect travel companion. I use them for my EPP project. They are always ready to go for some hand sewing on the train :)

The pattern is by sewdemented

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