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Aurifil Artisan Challenge July

If you know me you might have heard that I was chosen for this years Aurifil Artisan Program.

I have been using Aurifil exclusively ever since I first used it. It is divine I tell you.

Anyway: This month's Artisan Challenge is called „favorite thread weight“ and this is an easy one because I use that one all the time. Well because it is my favorite.

50 weight thread is my go-to thread for everything.

I use it in english paper piecing because it does not show too much on the front and it is strong enough to hold very sturdy.

I use it in piecing because it is strong.

And I use it mostly for quilting because it does not show too much.

All in all it ist he perfect thread.

It also helps that I happen to have all 270 colours they have so I can always match anything.

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