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Aurifil Artisan Challenge August

For the month of August we have been challenged to do hand embroidery.

This was quite challenging for me because I have not done it since kindergarden.

I don't even remember ever doing it but I still have a piece of evidence. It was a cross stitch pattern of pink goose. I know what it looked like because it has been with me for 30 years, through 7 moves and I have last seen in a couple of month ago. Naturally it is nowhere to be found now that I want to take a picture of it. So you have to take my word for it:

It looks really quite good.


So there was the Aurifil challenge for August. I did a test piece first to get the hang of it again. Apart from some pain in my fingers it came quite naturally.

The test piece was a QR code for my website and I tried to embroider some florals around it.

The QR code actually works and maybe embroidery could become another obsession of mine. Especially with the beautiful Aurifloss I used for the challenge.

When it comes to cross stitching I am not the most creative.

At least not yet.

Looking at my Artisan welcome package the logo for the 2020 Artisan collection caught my eye and I knew I had to try and turn it into embroidery.

Being the thread-dragon that I am it was easy to find the right thread. I hoard thread like any sensible person would :)

Figuring out the thread spools took me a couple of tries until I was satisfied. But the third try was the charm.

I know that I have a long way to go regarding embroidery but I am quite happy with the outcome.

Do you like it?

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