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2 years in the making (Aurifil Challenge June)

It has been two years to the month. I just checked.

On the 24th of June 2019 I ordered the acrylic templates for the Tula Bloomers Quilt.

Back then did not know what I have gotten Myself into.

I only ever made 2 full size quilts and apart from about 20 hexagons randomly sewn together with the sewing machine I had never done english paper piecing.

But I saw that quilt and I knew I needed to make it.

I just had to.

So I bought the acrylic templates and cheaped out on the paper pieces.

From my very little experience with paper pieces I thought they where not worth the hustle and I just needed to figure out a way to skip the paper altogether.

I actually did figure out a way to skip the paper and I started without them for a good while. There is a youtube Video that I made about it and everything.

In the end however I did give in and used the damn papers. It is quicker and by now I acquired a deep deep drawer full of paper pieces by now.

Paper piecing is beyond addictive.

The top was finished early this year and I made plans to have it professionally quilted because I just didn't feel up to the massive task of quilting it in the way that the quilt deserves.

So thanks to Iva Steiner the quilt was quilted to perfection. Now I was left with binding and making a label.

And that is where The Aurifil Challenge for the 2021 Artisanship comes into play.

We where challenged to make something using only the threads that where given to us as the welcome package.

Me being late to the party again (this time with a 10 month old very cute excuse of a baby daughter) I was more than happy to be in the finishing stages of making a quilt.

So I just loaded my embroidery unit onto my machine, chosen 4 colours of thread from the welcome box and off I was to label making.

Granted I would have chosen different colours if it wasn't for the challenge but I am absolutely happy with how the label turned out.

I love the liberty of a tight brief.

The limited colour range I was given (normally I play with 270 colours) gave me this overall peachy look to the label and it is just yummy.

So this is my Tula Bloomers Quilt 2021 and I hope you love it.

I know I do

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