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Thread Against

The Machine

Sew Along

Sew Along Signup is closed. You can still take part and enter for the prizes if you buy the pattern.

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Deadline to enter Quilt for Prize consideration is November 15th 2022

About The Sew Along

Hi my name is Henrik Müller and I am an Aurifil Designer.

Aurifil just released my very first thread collection called "PROUD & ABOUT".
It is a collection of 10 small spools of Aurifil thread with your essential rainbow colors completed by the addition of an off white as well as a true black. This thread collection is the perfect companion for the quilter on the go. I am sure you will love it just as much as we do.

I designed the "Swiss Machine Block" a number of years ago and I always wanted to make a proper quilt of it but never came around to do so.

With my newly designed "Minor Thread Block" I found the perfect companion block.
That is why I created the "Thread Against The Machine Quilt Pattern". As you can see it is a compilation of modern sewing machines accompanied by a border of small spools of Aurifil thread in the colors of the "PROUD & ABOUT" collection.

I think this quilt really celebrates the modern quilter by highlighting a modern sewing machine and some really good thread, the best thread in my opinion.

Please note:

In order to make this quilt you need to purchase the Swiss Machine Block, the Minor Thread Block and the Thread Against The Machine Quilt pattern separately.

You can find fabric bundles here:

Quiltzauberei (Germany + EU)

Lovely Jubbly Fabrics (UK alternative bundle)

SewHot (UK)

Amitié Textiles (Australia)

Cottage Quilting (Canada)

Pink Door Fabrics (USA 64" quilt kit)

The Quilt comes in 4 different sizes

12 spools against 1 machine (32" square) 

20 spools against 4 machines (48" square) 

28 spools against 9 machines (64“ square) 

36 spools against 16 machines (80" square)

The steps of the sew along have been

Week 1 (May 30. - June 5.)

First everyone introduces themselves
Week 2 (June 6. - June 12.)
Fabric pull

We show our fabric pull (The curated bundle or from our own stash)
Week 3 and 4 (June 13. - June 26.)

We sew the spool border first because it is the easier part of the sew along to help people
with less experience getting used to FPP as a technique
Week 5 (June 27. - July 3.)
An introduction to the machine

The designer explains the Swiss Machine Block in detail and explains the steps that are prone to errors in the sewing process.
We will then make ourselves familiar with the pattern and print it out
Week 6, 7 and 8 (July 4. - July 24.)

Everyone will sew their Swiss Machine Blocks
Week 9 (July 25. - July 31.)
Machines assemble

We will assemble and combine the rows with the sashing to form a center
Week 10 (August 1. - August 07.)
Finishing line in sight

We attach the borders
Week 11, 12 and 13 (August 08. - August 28.)

This step is optional for everyone. The designer will give quilting options because quilting is a sore spot for many quilters

Week 14 (August 28. - September 04.)

It is not a finished quilt without binding. Let’s do this and be proud of ourselves

Let’s talk about the prizes.

The prize tier list was changed to include more prize tiers

Prize packages are announced on Instagram

Best Large Quilt
Runner-Up Large Quilt


4x3 Swiss Machine Blocks or more plus a full Minor Thread Block border

(Minor pattern variations are allowed)


Best Medium Quilt
Runner-Up Medium Quilt


4 Swiss Machine Blocks or more with a full Minor Thread Block border

(Minor pattern variations are allowed)


Best Small Quilt


Less than 4 Swiss Machine Blocks, at least 1 with Minor Thread Block border

(Minor pattern variations are allowed)


Special Prizes:

Thread Against The Machine Prize for Excellence US and Canada

sponsored by Oliso

Thread Against The Machine Prize for Global Excellence

sponsored by Aurifil

Thread Against The Machine Prize for Global Excellence

sponsored by SewTites

Thread Against The Machine Prize for Excellence Canada

sponsored by Cottage Quilting

Thread Against The Machine Prize for Excellence Germany

sponsored by Quiltzauberei

Thread Against The Machine Prize for Excellence UK

sponsored by Sew Hot

Thread Against The Machine Prize for Excellence UK

sponsored by Lovely Jubbly Fabrics

Thread Against The Machine Global Participation Prize

sponsored by Herrschaftenmueller

Previous Prize Tier List and Deadline:

3rd Prize: 
Everyone who at least makes the 32" version with one machine and 12 spools is eligible to win

2nd Prize:
 Everyone who finishes 48", 64" or 80" version of the quilt top is eligible to win

Grand Prize:
 You are eligible to win if you Quilted and bound the 80" quilt

To win you will need to post about your completed entry on instagram and send me an email with pictures so the judges and I can pick a winner.

The 1st of September was the original deadline.

Updates will be provided in the newsletter.

How can I win?

Quilt Entry Rules

The deadline for quilt entry is November, 15th 2022. Later entries will not be considered.
 Send your quilt entry via e-mail to:

The e-mail text must state your name and country of residence. Instagram handle is optional but encouraged.

Only finished Quilts can be entered.

A finished quilt is defined as follows: Quilt top made according to the Thread Against The Machine quilt pattern. Quilt is completely quilted (density and design of quilting is irrelevant for entry eligibility but might be relevant for judging). Quilt must be finished with binding or facing or sewn into an otherwise finished project (bag, curtain, furniture, etc.).

Minor variations of the pattern are allowed.

At least 2 (no more than 5) high resolution photos of the finished quilt entered must be attached. Attached images must contain at least 1 photo must be of the full quilt and 1 closeup showing quilting details.
Make sure to have good lighting, daylight but no direct sunlight is ideal.

You need to print out 2 forms,
read, sign and attach them.

Print out and sign the quilt entry form and the photo release form.

Attach a scan or photo of both signed forms in the e-mail.

You may put a watermark on the images.
 Images credit can not always be guaranteed.

Entries are only eligible when all criteria are met.

Checklist for the e-mail:

Name, country - 2 or more photos - 2 signed forms - deadline Nov.15.2022

Jury and judging process

Prizes will be awarded by a panel of Judges. Jury member lineup could be subject to change. The Judges’ decisions will be final.
Winners will be notified and a list of winners and their chosen credit name will be published.

Jury Members:

Ina from Quiltzauberei
Kelli from Cottage Quilting
Jade from Lovely Jubbly Fabrics

Helene from SewHot
Erin from Aurifil
Michele from Oliso
Maureen from SewTites

Judging Process:

Each jury member is provided with all images of every entered quilt sorted by category.
Every jury member gets 3 votes for each of the 3 prize categories.
The votes are cast as points. The jury members can award 3 points, 2 points and 1 point to one entry respectively.

The jury might deliberate before casting their final votes, so the voting process might not be anonymous. Henrik from Herrschaftenmueller will not be a regular jury member but will be part of the deliberation if the jury decides to deliberate.

If the points after the final vote are tied between two entries Henrik from Herrschaftenmueller will vote as the tie breaker. In the unlikely event that there is a tie between more than two entries in one category Henrik from Herrschaftenmueller has the sole power to decide which one of the tied entries gets awarded Best Quilt and Runner-Up Quilt respectively. A third prize can not be awarded.

Whoever gets the most points in the category Large Quilt wins Best Large Quilt.
The Person with the second most points in the category wins Runner-Up Large Quilt. Whoever gets the most points in the category Medium Quilt wins Best Medium Quilt. The Person with the second most points in the category wins Runner-Up Medium Quilt. Whoever gets the most points in the category Small Quilt wins Best Small Quilt.

The Excellence Prize winners will be determined by their respective prize sponsors through their individual process of determination.

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